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A NOVEL by Susan Osborn


Surviving the Wreck is a chilling novel about the silences in ‘normal’ families, the pain behind those silences, and the need to turn silence into speech.
                —Alicia Ostriker


Megan Arbuthnot, a young, sensitive, New York writer with a successful career, embarks on a rocky journey through her family memories. While doing so, she uncovers a harrowing secret, too shameful to be named by the family. Past, present, and future swirl around her as she gradually crosses the bridge from ignorance to understanding.


A COLLECTION edited by and with a contribution by Susan Osborn


A tour de force

Ian d’Alton, The Irish Review


Recently, Elizabeth Bowen has been recognized as being as radically important to our understanding of twentieth-century literature as Samuel Beckett and she is now considered among the most highly significant writers of the twentieth century. 

Elizabeth Bowen: New Critical Perspectives provides lucid and provocative insights into the work and biography of one of the most powerful and most popular female writers of the twentieth century.


A NEW MEMOIR by Susan Osborn


In this profoundly moving memoir, Osborn takes a candid and deeply personal look at her mother’s experience as a polio growing up during the 1920s and 1930s, a period of unprecedented discrimination against the disabled. Currents of grief, guilt, longing, and forgiveness flow through this narrative as the author simultaneously explores the ways her mother’s deformity and emotional scars distorted her sense of herself and disfigured their relationship. Written with a fine literary hand and unswerving honesty, this brave and loving account vividly illuminates core identity issues of mothers and daughters with intelligence and compassion.


A NEW MEMOIR by Susan Osborn



Author photo by Lucy Armstrong-Schimmer Photography

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