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Surviving the Wreck, novel, John Macrae/Henry Holt and Co.; Econ Verlag; 


Lie About,” short story, Exquisite Corpse


The Editor,” short story, Orchid     


“The Secret,” short story, Kelsey Review


Alex Goes to Infinity and Sprinkled with Rat Poison, plays, performed at Broom Street Theater


Poems published in The Paterson Literary Review



Giving Stoker His Due: Dracula’s Guest and Other Weird Stories,”  Irish Literary Supplement


“Thomas Hardy,”  Literature & History


“Choiceless Choices: Admitting the Holocaust,”  American Book Review


“What Helen Gurley Brown Taught Me about Teaching Writing,” Writer’s Craft, Teacher’s Art: Teaching What We Know,        ed. Mimi Schwartz; Boynton Cook/Heinemann


“Doris Lessing,” The 60s Without Apology, eds. Sohnya Sayres, Anders Stephanson, Stanley Aronowitz, Fredric Jameson;        University of Minnesota Press


“The Reader as Accomplice,” Vassar Quarterly


“‘Revision/Re-Vision:’ A Feminist Writing Class,” Rhetoric Review, Spring

Lectures, Presentations, & Workshops


“Elizabeth Bowen’s Ireland,” invited lecture, Trevor/Bowen Literary Summer School, Mitchelstown, Ireland


“A Problem and a Wonder: Developing Students’ Metacognitive Abilities in the Creative Writing Classroom,” Northeast          Modern Language Association


“‘This Pointless Verbal Excess:' A Reconsideration of Bowen’s Stylistic Tics, ‘A Mixture of Showing off and Suspicion,              Nearly as Bad as Sex’: Reading Elizabeth Bowen,” Symposium, University of Sussex


“Contemporary American Fiction: Styles of Engagement,” Universität Basel (in conjunction with a reading                               of Surviving the Wreck)


Organizer and workshop facilitator, The College of New Jersey’s Writers’ Conference


Academic Advisory Board, Cork Writers’ School, Mitchelstown, Ireland

Reviews & Features


The New York Times, The Village Voice,  The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Chicago Sun-Times, Newsday,  Modern Fiction Studies, The Irish Literary Suppement, Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Chicago Tribune, American Book Review, The San Francisco Examiner, Louisville Courier-Journal, The American ScholarBelles Lettres, Isthmus, WORT-FM

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